Private Sessions

Serenity Meditation offers one-on-one private sessions to teach a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques that reduce stress, promote inner peace, and help increase self awareness. 

Each class is customized to meet the needs of the individual student and may contain a combination of techniques for more effective results.

Group Classes

Group classes are held on a rotating basis. Prices may vary depending on subject matter and number of attendees. 

Many group classes can also be accommodated at offsite locations. 

For more information, contact us by phone at 603-244-6420 or by email at Candie@SerenityMeditation.com.

Introductory to Meditation Class

Join Candie for a FREE one-hour class!

During the Introductory Class, you will learn the benefits of relaxation and be introduced to various techniques used at Serenity. You will also explore and discuss your goals and expectations for your relaxation practice, which will help Candie design a customized course schedule should you decide to sign up for a class or 5-week course.

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Online scheduling

Introduction to Coaching

Join Candie for a FREE 30-minute intro!

Not sure you're ready for coaching? Come meet Candie to get acquainted with her coaching techniques, discuss the difference between coaching and counseling, and determine which coaching plan best suits your needs.

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Serenity Meditation fully believes in the body, mind and spirit/energy approach to wellness and happiness. To honor this approach, several methods are offered in each area to bring balance and harmony to each student’s life.


In this fast-paced world, it can be difficult to quiet the mind and reconnect to the inner self. Several methods of mental relaxation are available to calm the mind, which brings clarity of thought and joy to the heart.

Transformation Meditation

Transformation Meditation is a modern method that is appropriate for all spiritual belief systems and life styles. This form of meditation uses a mantra to still the mind and reconnect with the pure self. It is highly effective and fairly easy to learn.

60 Min. Class         $70.00
5-Week Course     $300.00

Self-Guided Imagery

Self-Guided Imagery teaches the student how to incorporate all five senses to create his or her own private life-like mental image, providing a “mini-vacation” in the mind. Refocusing the senses and psyche releases stressful thoughts, allowing the mind to reach a calm, peaceful state.

60 Min. Class       $70.00

5 Classes           $300.00

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is similar to Self-Guided Imagery in that it incorporates all five senses to create a life-like mental image, providing a "mini-vacation" in the mind. With this technique, however, the guide designs the image, describing each sight, sound, smell, taste and texture to refocus the senses and psyche, allowing the mind to reach a calm, peaceful state.

60 Min. Class     $90.00

6 Sessions        $480.00


Bodies always on the go can find it difficult to sit still and relax. Several methods of body relaxation are available to put the body at ease and reduce physical tension.

(Breath Control)

Breathing properly provides more oxygen to the blood, which brings better emotional balance and control, increased mental acuity and clarity, and improved physical health. Pranayam activates the parasympathetic part of the involuntary immune system, allowing it to rest, relax and repair.

30 Min. Class         $35.00
5-Week Course     $150.00

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation reduces physical tension through incorporating a specific level of tightening and releasing of muscles in the body. As the muscles relax and the physical tension ebbs away, so does mental and emotional stress.

60 Min. Class      $70.00
5 Classes          $300.00

Autogenic Relaxation

Autogenic Relaxation mentally introduces sensations into the body to release tension and relax muscles. This is a great technique for people with chronic pain, strained or sprained muscles, or other conditions that might not respond well to the physical tightening of muscles associated with Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

60 Min. Session     $70.00
5 Classes            $300.00

Spirit / Energy

Feelings of unease, agitation and unhappiness can occur when internal energy flow or inner spirit is not in sync. Several methods are available to regain balance.


Reiki is an ancient practice which uses universal energy, or Reiki energy to promote wellness. Energy passes through the practitioner’s hovering hands and into the recipient to readjust the body’s magnetic pulse or frequency, evoking relaxation and renewing the body’s ability to self-heal.

30 Mins.         $35.00
60 Mins.         $70.00
6 Sessions     $360.00

Message from Beyond

This moving, emotional 90 minute class teaches how to open up to the Universe, the Higher Spirit, and/or loved ones from beyond to receive the message they have to share. Receiving a message can result in a freeing sensation, increased intuitiveness and spirituality, and an overall sense of peacefulness and ease.

90 Mins.     $135.00

Coming Soon

More classes will be added soon!

Specialty Courses


Chakra Healing

Chakras are convergences of the body’s natural energy that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. This 8-week course teaches how to cleanse, open and strengthen chakras through meditation, exercise and stretching, and other fun activities to bring the entire body, mind and spirit back in to harmonious balance.

8-Week Course     $480.00

Insomnia Course

Sleep deprivation can contribute to lethargy, clouded judgement and thinking, and even lead to other serious health conditions. This 5-week course focuses on best sleep practices, healthy eating habits and effective relaxation methods to increase sleep and improve wellness.

5-Week Course     $300.00

Intermediate Meditation Course

Reach the next level of peacefulness and bliss with this 5-week Intermediate Meditation Course. Each class includes in-depth meditation philosophies, advanced techniques, and long, soothing practice times. Prerequisite: 5-Week Transformation Meditation Course

5-Week Course     $300.00

Relaxation Coaching

Relaxation coaching, or stress coaching, focuses on reducing stress and tension to create a healthier, happier life. The focus of coaching is not to determine “why” things are, but rather to determine “what” is the current cause of stress and “what” can be done about it.

Coaching uses forward thinking to create actions that support a change. Actions include learning relaxation techniques to reduce physical, emotional and mental stress, and exploring unique and individualized ways to create situational changes to forward the client’s goal.

Stress can be caused by internal factors, external factors or both. All desired changes are determined by the client, as are the actions being taken to promote the change. While not geared toward resolving past issues, some of the relaxation techniques can help clients become at ease with events in their past, allowing them to move forward.

Total Clarity Session

If you’re feeling a bit stressed about making a change in your life, this session is for you. 

During a Total Clarity Session, we can clarify your goals, create an action plan, or find ways to overcome obstacles and reduce tension. We can brainstorm together, or I can lend an ear while you share your ideas. You’ll also learn an invaluable breathing technique to help relax your body and mind.

This one-hour session is a great way to find motivation to turn ideas into action, or to check back in after completing a longer-term coaching package.

Total Clarity Session     $70.00  

Supremely Stress-Free Package

If life is going good but there is just one thing that is stressing you out that you would like to change, this is the right package for you. 

Over the course of three months, we will define a focus area or challenge in your life that you would like to change. We will work together to clarify your goals, create an action plan, and find ways to overcome obstacles and reduce tension. 

You’ll also learn invaluable breathing and relaxation techniques to help relax your body and mind.

The Supremely Stress-Free Package is a great way to make a lasting change to your life.

This package includes:

  • (8) 60 minute coaching sessions
  • 1 energy work session
  • Email support as needed

Supremely Stress-Free Package                    $540.00

Total Serenity Package

If you are ready to make some changes to create a healthier, happier life then this is the package you need.

Over the course of six months, we will define several focus areas or challenges in your life that you would like to change. We will work together to clarify your goals, create action plans, and find ways to overcome obstacles and reduce tension. 

You’ll also learn invaluable breathing and relaxation techniques to help relax your body and mind, including how to release worry thoughts and how to act instead of react to stressful situations.

The Total Serenity Package is a great way to make several lasting changes to your life without becoming overwhelmed during the process.

This package includes:

  • (16) 60 min. coaching sessions
  • 2 energy work sessions
  • Email support between sessions

Total Serenity Package $900.00

Group Classes Now Available!

Group Meditation Classes

Group meditation can enhance daily practice and promote a deeper sense of relaxation. Class includes meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques, followed by open discussion. New students are urged to attend the beginners' group preceding this class.

Drop in                      $15.00

Prepay for 6 weeks     $60.00

Group Beginner Meditation Classes

This is a 6 week commitment. Learn the basics of meditation techniques including practical aspects and positioning, overcoming common hurtles, and what to expect from your practice. Includes 6 weeks of the Group Meditation Class directly following class.

Pay as you go               $25.00 
Prepay for 6 weeks     $120.00

Coming Soon!

Check back for more group  classes coming soon!